Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Best Lingual Braces Procedure in Bangalore

Lingual Braces is type of dental treatment method in which appliances like brackets, wires and elastics are used to align the teeth and is placed in the back side of the teeth. Due to its position it is called inside braces too. In terms of hardware and principles both conventional and lingual braces shares many similarities.

The major advantage of this is that it is invisible and cannot be detected easily. But patients will take more time to get used to it and treatment time will be prolonged compared to conventional braces.
Who can opt for dental braces ?
Generally adolescents or adults can opt for lingual braces. Children cannot do this because of their growing phase. The person’s teeth must have bite relationship to correctly hold their braces.

Treatment procedure ?
At first the doctor will take impression of teeth. For each individual the treatment will be different. The impression is then dispatched to laboratory to make brackets and wires of the appropriate size. Four weeks after the impressions were taken, braces will be fitted. Things patients must take care after putting braces are as follows:
  • The patient should brush after breakfast , lunch, tea and supper other wise plaque will accumulate in the teeth leading to diseases
  • Occasional flossing
  • Cleaning braces with inter dental toothbrush
  • Regular use of antibacterial mouth wash

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