Monday, 5 June 2017

Dental Braces :Get Confident Smile forever.

Dental braces or braces are devices used to align straighten and correct the position of the teeth, It also works to improve dental health. Braces have been around for a very long time. In earlier times only a simple form of orthodontic appliances has been documented, but now the design and components have changed and been improved, but the basic idea has remained the same. The basic idea is to produce a force on a tooth in a specific, controlled amount in the direction to move a tooth.

The parts of braces consist of the following:
  • Bands( a ring of metal fits around the molars and premolars)
  • Brackets (holds the arch-wire against each tooth) 
  • Arch-wire (The main wires fit around the arch into the bracket slots) 
  • Elastics (tiny rubber ring that ties the arch-wire into the bracket)
  • Hooks (Small attachments on the brackets used to attach the elastics)
  • Coil Spring (Fits between brackets and over the arch-wire.)
Nowadays orthodontics offer more kinds of braces than ever before. 

Dental Braces comparisons.

Traditional Braces/Metal Braces: This type of braces are the least expensive, but are the most noticeable types.
Ceramic Braces: This types of braces are the same size and shape as metal braces, but they have tooth-colored or clear brackets that blend into teeth. It is more expensive than metal braces and also can stain easily if don't care for them well.
Lingual Braces: These type of braces are the same as traditional metal braces, but the brackets and wires are placed on the inside of teeth. These braces are invisible from outside, but are not appropriate for severe cases and are more difficult to clean.

Invisalign: It consists of a series of custom-made, mouth guard-like clear plastic aligners.  These aligners are removable and are replaced every 2 weeks. These type of braces are almost invisible but will not work for serious dental problems and also the treatment may potentially take longer.

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Monday, 29 May 2017

Smile Makeover : Get A Stunning Smile..

A process by which, an individual can improve the appearance of the smile is known as smile makeover. This process takes few cosmetic dentistry procedures. They are
Smile makeover is performed for different reasons and can be customized according to the individual concern.

The Causes of Smile makeover

The causes for smile makeover includes
  • Cracked or chipped teet
  • Discoloration of the teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Eroded, twisted, or unevenly sized teeth
  • Gummy smiles
  • Little crooked teeth
  • Not even gum line
A cosmetic dentist will plan some aesthetic components according to the client preferences. They are tooth proportions, the length of the tooth, tooth texture and characterization, smile line etc.


Benefits of Smile Makeover

  • Improves tooth color
  • Improves tooth alignment and spacing
  • Fix missing teeth
  • Improves teeth balance and harmony
  • Revitalized smile, fuller lips, and cheeks
A dentist can develop a treatment plan according to the person’s needs and concerns to achieve exactly the desired results. The treatment plan may include certain cosmetic and functionally restorative procedures such as dental crowns, teeth whitening, braces, gummy smile reduction, and oral maxillofacial surgery.

Smile makeover procedures needs regular oral hygiene and maintenance. Smile makeover can also solve many dental problems. Good looking teeth and beautiful smile increases a person's confidence level.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Regain Your Confident Smile With Dental implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into  jaw to hold a  bridge or replacement tooth. Dental implants are an option for people who have lost tooth due to an injury, periodontal disease or some other reason.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants?

There are many advantages to dental implants, which include:
  • Improved appearance
  • Improved speech
  • Improved comfort
  • Easier eating
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved oral health
  • Durability
  • Convenience 

How Successful Are Dental Implants?

Success rates of dental implants usually vary depending on where the dental implants are being placed. Dental implants are very successful at the rate of up to 98%. Also, with proper care the implants can last a lifetime.

What is the procedure for Dental Implants?

The first step is the development of an individualized treatment plan. The plan will address the specific needs of the patient and will be chalked out by a team of professionals. This team approach will help provide an all-round care based on which implant option is best for you.

Next will be the tooth root implant. In this, a small post made of titanium will be placed into the bone socket of the missing tooth. Once the jawbone heals, it will grows around the implanted metal post anchoring it securely in the jaw. 

Later, a small connector post called an abutment is attached to the metal post to hold the new tooth in place. To make the new tooth, the dentist takes impressions of your teeth and creates a model of your bite. The new tooth will be based on this model. A replacement tooth called a crown, is then attached to the abutment.

The dentist will surely match the colour of the new teeth to your natural teeth because the replacement teeth’s (crown) look, feel and function just like your own natural teeth.

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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Dental veneers: To Make Your Teeth More Attractive

Dental Veneers also known as porcelain veneers are thin tooth colored materials used to cover the front part of the tooth to enhance appearance. This changes the shape, color, size or length of the tooth. Veneers made of porcelain resist stains better than other and resembles natural teeth.

Who is the best candidate for a dental veneer ? 
  • Discolored teeth
  • Teeth that is worn down 
  • Chipped or broken teeth 
  • Misaligned or irregular teeth 
  • Teeth that have gaps between them

Dental veneer procedure:
At first, the doctor will examine the patient's teeth and ascertain whether teeth is good for dental veneers and understand its procedure, limitations, and advantages. X- ray will be taken as a part of that to know the condition deeply.

When treatment starts the doctor will remove 1/2 millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface, a size equal to dental veneer. Then the measurement is dispatched to a laboratory for making veneer. It will take one to two week to make this.

The fixing procedure of a veneer is called bonding. To fix this tooth will be examined, cleaned and purified. Then the dentist will paste a cement on the tooth surface, will place the veneer in the tooth and applies a special beam to glue it to the tooth surface. This will activate the chemicals in the cement and hardens it to the tooth surface.

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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Discover New Your Look

A beautiful smile can light up even a dull personality. Your smile has a lasting impression on the people you meet. Unfortunately, every one is not blessed with a perfect set of those 32 pearls. However, that doesn't mean you have to live with an ugly smile. This is where Orthodontics comes to your rescue.

The word Orthodontics is derived from a combination of Greek word 'Orthos' which means straight or perfect and the word 'Dontos' which means teeth. In a perfect set of teeth, the upper and lower jaw fits neatly together. When a person lacks this alignment, it not only impacts your appearance but also increases the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases. Majority of these issues need professional intervention.

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that solves dental issues with regard to teeth and jaw alignment, using corrective devices like braces and plates. Apart from treating malocclusion, orthodontics also treats and controls several facial growth issues that shapes the jaw. Another aspect of orthodontics also includes cosmetic dentistry that focuses only on aesthetics more than medical treatment.

Need for Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics treatment is recommended to eliminate the effects caused by crooked, crowded, or overlapping teeth. If ignored, it can lead to a series of issues like tooth decay and gum disease, injuries to the gum, and wear and tear of the teeth. An individual's self confidence can get affected if they get conscious of the way they talk or smile.

Age Criteria for Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics generally does not include children below 11 years for a simple reason of the absence of well developed adult teeth. The other reason is that children will not be able to maintain the strict oral hygiene regime required during the course of treatment. However, if a child has a cleft lip or palate they can be treated before their adult teeth develops.

Diagnosis of Orthodontic Problems

A specialist in orthodontics is known as an orthodontist. An orthodontist uses a patient's medical and dental history and clinical examination with the help of X-rays and plaster models of teeth, for his diagnosis. Based on these results, the treatment is recommended.
Orthodontic Treatments

The most important problem that is treated through Orthodontics is malocclusion, which is a word to describe the misalignment between the teeth or between the upper and lower jaws. These dental issues are commonly solved using Orthodontic devices. Some of these devices are braces, fixed space maintainers, retainers and plates, aligners, headgear, lip and cheek bumpers, splints, and palatal expander.

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Cosmetic Dentistry : Makeover Your Smile

A broad smile keeps all happy. But hiding the smile is quite painful due to dental problems. Smile Makeover is a process of improving the smile appearance through one or multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic dentistry, Smile designing, Smile sculpting, and Aesthetic Dentistry are the other names for Smile makeover. It is nothing but sculpting a better smile by altering the teeth alignment, shape, texture, and color of the existing teeth with ceramic / porcelain crowns / veneers. It is not a surgical treatment and the teeth can be straightened without braces / orthodontic treatments. Smile makeover takes 5-7 days and probably 3-4 visits are recommended.

The procedure of Designing A Perfect Smile in Less Than A Week’s Time:
  • After assessing present smile and teeth alignment custom made smile is designed.
  • Material selection for crown / veneer and treatment planning are charted.
  • Teeth preparation and temporary crowns fabrication are done
  • Bite registration, shade selection, and impression making are done.
  • Final crown / veneer fabrication work is done in highly-equipped Laboratory.
  • Crowns / Veneers are fixed. Bite adjustments are monitored and corrected.
  • The patient is called for visit if any problems occur

Cosmetic Dentistry Advantages:

Self-confidence is elevated by undergoing teeth straightening, veneers, and teeth whitening. Misaligned teeth lead to a severe headache and if a bite is abnormal it will definitely cause tooth pain and headache. Cosmetic dental treatment reduces the problem. Everyone needs to be persistent with the output success result of such treatment. Hence proper oral hygiene is done by them by rinsing, flossing and brushing the teeth. Overall, the entire look is enhanced by such cosmetic dentistry procedures.Smile makeover cost depends on the quality of materials used during the treatment.

All Smiles Dental Clinic offers Best Smile Makeover in Bangalore with the help of dedicated team of doctors and other staff. Dr. Trivikram Rao is the leading and one of the Best Cosmetic Dentists in Bangalore who has more than 16+ years of experience in the cosmetic dentistry field.

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