Sunday, 17 August 2014

Introducing Instant Smile Makeovers In Bangalore-With Composite Veneers.

What is it? - It involves cosmetic makeover of teeth in just 1 hour with Composite veneers.
Who is a candidate? -  People with    - Fractured /broken teeth                                                                                                                                                   
                                                                        -Mild discoloration of teeth.
                                                                         -Mild fluorosis.
                                                                        -Small gaps between teeth.
                                                                       -Cavities spreading between the front teeth.
                                                                       -Front teeth with wear and tear

                                                                        -Teeth damaged with erosion.
fractured tooth

small gaps



How is it done?                                                                                                                                                      The teeth are built up with a material called Composite Resins. The latest advancement in composite resins is Nano Composites which are stronger and more resistant to stains compared to the old ones. To create composite veneers, composite material is applied to the front surfaces of the teeth and sculpted to the desired shape and finished under the hands of an experienced cosmetic dentist. It is possible to make the composite veneers look very natural. Please see the photographs of case done.                       Who can provide composite veneers?                                                                                                                     To create natural looking composite veneers, dentist must have an artistic flair and the technical skills required to carry out this type of treatment. A cosmetic dentist experienced in composite veneers will have a clear understanding of the properties of dental materials and experience in hand-crafting and replicating the shape, texture and characteristics of teeth. Every individual is unique and has a different tooth shape, smile line and symmetry. An experienced cosmetic dentist will take all these factors into account when creating composite veneers.
How long do composite veneers last?
This depends on the following factors; the type of composite material used (there is a big difference in the quality of different composite materials), the aftercare and habits of the patients. On average, Composite veneers can last between 2 - 5 smile makeovers in bangalore

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